China-Israel Connection- Tel-Aviv University Branch
Board Members


Ari Ben-Ami – Co-Founder of the Branch

Ari is a third-year East Asian and Middle Eastern studies dual BA student at Tel Aviv University. Ari has worked hard to promote the East Asian Studies student body in a variety of ways as their representative in the Student Union and views the founding of the TAU branch of CIC as a natural next step.


Naomi Yusupov – President of the Branch

Naomi is a third-year Economics and East Asian Studies dual BA student at Tel Aviv University. Together with her colleague Ari, Naomi Co-founded the CIC Tel-Aviv University Branch because She believes that the future is in China, and that China-Israel Connection (CIC) is an important first step as students in shaping the workforce of tomorrow. In her vision, CIC Tel-Aviv will provide opportunities for Israeli and Chinese students to learn about China-Israel relations, to meet relevant executives and to acquire valuable work-experience in Chinese and Israeli companies. Naomi is very excited to embark on her path as the President of CIC Tel-Aviv Branch and sees the great potential that it has.


Ohad Hollander – Business Liaison & Israel-Fellowship Development Head

Ohad is a second-year business management and East Asian studies dual BA student at Tel Aviv University. Ohad joined CIC in hopes of helping to utilize the latent potential in China-Israel cooperation. Ohad is very passionate about this field and is excited to be one of the TAU branch's founding members.


Maria Shehade – Israel-Fellowship Coordinator

Maria Shehade is a BA student at Tel Aviv University, double majoring in East Asian and Middle Eastern studies. Maria joined the CIC program in 2019 and through it completed an internship in Beijing in the same year. This program helped Maria to expand her horizons and promote herself in reaching new goals in her career. Maria is very excited to be one of TAU branch's founding members and to aid in building new bridges between Israel and China.

Anna Geller – Head of Marketing

Anna is a third-year Political Science and East Asian Studies dual BA student at Tel Aviv University. Anna believes that international collaboration is essential for countries to thrive. Therefore, she takes a big interest in international relations especially between Israel and China. If so, Anna thinks that these two countries have a lot to give to each other. She is very excited to be one of the TAU branch founding members and to aid building a better relationship between Israel and China.

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China-Israel Connection is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the Sino-Israeli relationship in universities through the creation of an international professional network.